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Welcome to Eastcoin

The Currency that Takes Flight

A dedicated currency for the global aviation and traveling-related economies. The Eastcoin gains in value every time it churns, providing an increase to every service player and individual who will use the money and platform.

We want you to be a part of the journey that is getting us there.

Big Vision

We envision an international global community where all the shareholders use the EAST currency for the fast, efficient, and effective payment of goods and services in the aviation and travel industries. EAST will increase in value to provide sustainability, longevity and ultimately decrease the literal costs of the services offered.

EAST Coin looks forward to trekking this journey together

The Coin Structure

The EASTCOIN acts as a contact" new clock" measurement. Every time the Coin is used, an increase in COIN's value releases multiple efficiencies towards every partaker that holds a coin in their E-wallet.

The Ecosystem

The eastcoin ecosystem thrives on four core related industries: aviation, travel, hospitality, and emerging technologies.

Available on Google play and ANdroid

Introducing East Pay

Peer-to-peer transfers.
Stored digital tokens.
Increase revenue by a tokenized loyalty program.
Streamline company business transactions.
Global Blockchain payments infrastructure.

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East Fund Allocation

18% Marketing, Advertise & Aviation Acquisition

33% Product Development & Infrastructure

10% Operational and Administration Expenses

18% Research on Future Hospitality Technology

East Token Allocation

50% will be sold in the token sale

20% for operations reserved and future developments

12% will be retained for team, advisors, legal and audit

12% for advertising and promotions

3% for administrations

3% for Eurufly Foundation

Why Eastcoin?

EAST (EuruFly Air Share Token) Stable CURRENCY was conceptualized and brought to life, not solely because of the opportunity those Crypto currencies present, but rather because we live in the digital capabilities of the connected world.

It will act as a complementary currency, as it is a dedicated, user-orientated coin that will be tethered to the ultimate value offering within the “closed community.” The value will derive from the asset value of the collective economic value of the industries it serves on a stable basis.


  • CURRENCIES IMPLODING: FIAT currencies are not backed by any physical asset, which results in devaluation and inflation from nations to large industries, including the aviation and travel sectors.
  • PAYMENTS BARRIERS: The opening of new markets, high transaction fees in daily/cross-border payments for goods and services hindering profitability.
  • OBSOLETE SYSTEM: Centralized systems are complex, resulting in a poor user experience for travelers and increased administrative costs.


  • VOLATILE RESISTANCE: EAST Coin is an asset-backed stable coin. It works on a smart algorithm, driven value increase via proprietary "churn" cycle accrual that will fuel the entire aviation and travel industry.
  • PAYMENT KEYS: EAST Coin offers a secured peer-to-peer (P2P) base, offering clients cost-effective, convenient, and instant payment services with total transparency.
  • DECENTRALIZED SYSTEM: We provide a more precise, tokenized structural design, opening up the possibility for assets agreements to flow freely between hospitality, credit, and terrestrial transport partners.

Road Map

Meet the Team

EAST Coin team is committed to making the world a better place. Get to know the core team dedicated to the success of EAST Coin in the aviation.